Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

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What is hormone replacement therapy for women?

Hormone replacement therapy refers to a treatment where we restore levels of hormones to optimal state.  This can be done through injections, creams, oral, or pellet therapy.  Hormone replacement therapy is the most highly effective method for treating menopause symptoms.  Hormone replacement therapy (especially bioidentical hormones) eliminates hot flashes, sleep issues, migraines, fatigue, as well as reducing the risk of various cancers.  Bioidentical Pellet Therapy is the most preferred method by patients – click here to read more about it.

Why should women take hormone replacement therapy?

Did you know that Estradiol, the active form of estrogen, performs 400 different functions in the female body?  These functions include collagen production for the skin and protection against heart disease, memory loss, Dementia,  Alzheimer’s  Disease and cancer. Estradiol has been scientifically shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis, macular degeneration, tooth  loss, hair loss and many other maladies that affect us as we age. Excess belly fat is another symptom of low hormones, particularly low estradiol.

Natural Bio Health has offered hormone replacement therapy for more than 15 years in its clinics located in Austin, San Antonio and College Station, Texas.  Hot flashes, a common symptom in the postmenopausal years, are most often due to the decline in estrogen  as women enter into their non-child bearing ages. Many women suffer from the more severe symptoms of low estrogen  (and low progesterone, thyroid, DHEA, pregnenolone and testosterone).  Besides hot flashes, these can include interrupted sleep, low energy, depression, anxiety, sagging skin and increasing wrinkles, dental issues, and many others.  Some women have very few or no symptoms so state that they feel “fine” and have no need for hormones.

The unfortunate truth is that regardless of feeling “fine”, these women also have small amounts or non-measurable levels of hormones in their bodies in their postmenopausal years. There are very few exceptions which help explain the increasing incident of heart disease, memory loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer and other disease processes, as women reach their postmenopausal years.

What are the risks or hormone replacement therapy side effects?

Natural Bio Health Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women
There a a few very minor side effects when dealing with hormone replacement therapy for women.  We find most of our patients feel much better, lose wieght, experience better moods, and lose the unwanted symptoms from menopause.  See our client testimonials to find out more.

How does someone take hormone replacement therapy?

There are multiple ways to get bioidentical hormones replaced in your body.  Natural Bio Health offers many different programs, including injections, creams and pills to take daily, or pellets.  Pellet therapy is often the preferred method for convenience.  A patient gets the pellets placed once every three months (on average) with no daily maintenance.  Read more on the differences between the methods.

How do you know if you are eligible for hormone replacement therapy?

A quick lab test is conducted to see if you are eligible for hormone replacement therapy.  The lab test will determine your current levels of FSH, LH, Progesterone, Estradiol, Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Gobulin (SHBG), DHEA Sulfate, Free Thyroid, T4, TSH, Lipid Profile (cholesterol), and more.  You can find more details in our program description.

Natural Bio Health Hormone Replacement Therapy for WomenNatural Bio Health Hormone Replacement Therapy Program details.

Our hormone replacement therapy program for women is fully customized to an individuals needs and symptoms.  We make sure to treat you and not focus on the numbers!  See our complete program description here.

At Natural Bio Health, we treat all aspects of a woman’s health, regardless of age. We recommend any woman who wants to live a healthy life, test her hormones as well as her cholesterol, blood count, metabolic factors and any heart risk factors she may have. Most diseases are preventable through hormone balancing and hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones, health eating, exercise and stress management. Most disease processes can be stopped in their tracks if caught earlier enough by proper testing and interpretation.

What does the Hormone Replacement Therapy Program Cost?

The full program description will describe the cost and all inclusions.  Natural Bio Health has financing available for Pellet Therapy and accepts health savings plans and most select savings plans plus care credit.

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