With more than half of American adults now qualifying as overweight, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, weight loss is more of a hot topic than ever before. Losing weight while maintaining muscle is a feat of delicate balance. If a person reduces daily calories to a bare minimum but does not increase their physical activity, they are likely to shed muscle mass as well as unwanted fat. However, by practicing some lean-savvy strategies along with strengthening exercise, a person can find the balance they are looking for. Get on the right fitness track by maintaining muscle while losing fat.

Nourish Muscle, Starve Fat

When it comes to nutrition, you probably know that foods high in fat, sugar and carbs pack on the pounds. They create body fat, not muscle. Therefore, when you want to lose weight, eliminate the following from your daily intake:

  • Plain carbs like bread, rice cakes and dry cereal, which metabolize quickly and leave you hungrier than before
  • Highly processed foods full of sodium and preservatives
  • Foods labeled “low fat” that have more sugar or salt to mask the lack of flavor
  • Alcohol, which is a poster child for empty calories

Do some research and create your own daily diet plan, or get a customized nutrition plan from a qualified weight-loss expert.

Where muscle is concerned, meat and legumes are mainstays because they supply you with protein. Low fat dairy products provide protein as well as essential vitamins while eggs boost lean muscle development. Because you are trying to reduce, eat all these muscle-friendly foods in moderation according to your personal weight loss plan.


Choose the type of exercise that maintains your muscle mass and burns fat. Bodybuilding experts recommend a hybrid regime that includes both cardio and strength training. Be sure to stay hydrated and have a high-protein snack afterwards.


You should alter your lifestyle as necessary to achieve your fitness goals and then stay fit for life. Some simple tweaks you can make to accomplish a healthier lifestyle include:

  • Getting eight hours of sleep per night: Sleep deprivation robs you of energy and makes you feel like eating more.
  • Staying hydrated: Your metabolism depends on a water supply to work efficiently.
  • Drinking less coffee and caffeinated soft drinks: Caffeine affects your sleep patterns and heart rate.
  • Spending more time outdoors: Fresh air helps with energy.
  • Eliminating stress: Less stress improves your physical and mental health.

Look into the HCG Diet from Natural Bio Health

Natural Bio Health offers patients the opportunity to get on the HCG diet. One of the main benefits of the hormone HCG is that it helps the dieter preserve muscle while they lose fat. The HCG hormone will help to stimulate the release of testosterone in your body which is a hormone that preserves and builds muscle. Notes that these effects vary person to person. We recommend that people on the HCG diet also perform regular light to moderate resistance training to further maintain their muscle mass.

Get Weight Loss Guidance in Colorado and Texas

At Natural Bio Health, we offer a unique approach to wellness that includes non-invasive, customized medical weight loss programs that help you get on the right track to lifelong fitness. With locations in Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio, College Station, Houston and Denver to serve our growing client base, we provide your initial consultation free of charge. Get in touch with us at Natural Bio Health today to find out more about the HCG diet and our other weight loss programs.