World Health Day 2020: The Importance of Physical and Mental Health

April 7, 2020, is World Health Day and a reminder from the Natural Bio Health family that you need to take care of your physical health and emotional wellbeing. It’s especially important during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As much of the world is on lockdown, and people can’t leave their homes, maintaining a positive outlook and daily routine are crucial to your overall health.

While there are no guarantees for preventing coronavirus infection, there are several steps you can take to boost your immune system and maintain some level of sanity during this frightening time. If you stick to a routine and take time out of your day to care for your body and mind, you’ll get through the coming months happier and healthier. 

Tips to Maintain Your Immunity Health

Your immune system helps you defend yourself against viruses. If you have a strong immune system, you can avoid getting sick or bounce back quickly from a cold or flu. Food is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, which can help combat viruses and some diseases. If you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, you can take supplements.

The team at Natural Bio Health recommends you take the following supplements to boost your immune system and maintain your overall health:

  • 400 mg of Magnesium in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form
  • 20 mg of Zinc
  • At least 10,000 mg of Vitamin DK7
  • 100 mcg of Selenium
  • Ultra Flora 6 or MaxPro probiotics containing multiple strains of bacteria
  • 5,000 IU of Vitamin C daily for two weeks, then reduce your intake to a total of 3,000 IU spread out each day

If you’re looking for a supplement with a high content of Vitamin C, you should take LIPO-BC. It contains 500 mg of the immune-boosting vitamin in each tablet. The supplement is high grade and includes a combination of vitamins that work synergistically and helps combat stress. It also provides nutrients that aid in the proper metabolism of cholesterol and fats.

If you’re struggling with anxiety or having trouble falling asleep, NBH Calm might help. It’s an herbal supplement that reduces cortisol and helps those suffering from anxiety, stress, and difficulty sleeping. NBH Calm consists of active ingredients, such as Relora®, Sensoril®, and Suntheanine®, as well as maral extracts and banaba leaf.

Another reliever of stress and anxiety is Mental Serenity. It works by addressing daily stressors and increases the production of neurotransmitters GABA and serotonin in the brain. Specific ingredients in Mental Serenity also increase alpha brain wave production for relaxation and an effortless state of alertness.

Mental Health Tips During Quarantine

You have to stay at home. You can’t visit friends and family, dine out, or exercise at your local gym. When you limit human interaction and physical activity, it can cause tiredness, depression, and overwhelming emotions.

Learning effective coping mechanisms and developing a routine can help you survive your daily isolation. While you’re waiting for COVID-19 to disappear and your life to return to normal, follow these tips to address your mental health issues and keep your emotional well being intact.

  • Maintain a daily routine.
  • Don’t abandon your wellness plan. Use Telemedicine to stay healthy and connected with the providers at Natural Bio Health.
  • Don’t binge on snacks or overeat at meals.
  • Stretch for ten minutes three times a day.
  • Go outside for some fresh air at least twice every day.
  • Play cards or board games with your family.
  • Take your family out for a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood.
  • Limit your children’s exposure to social media and news channels. They could misinterpret information and develop unnecessary fears.
  • Exercise or meditate daily, even if it’s for a short period.

We tend to forget about taking care of our minds and only work on maintaining a healthy body. The human brain is powerful and can lead to psychological and emotional problems if you don’t properly care for it. If you stick to your routine, get plenty of exercise, and spend time outdoors, you’ll find peace of mind during this stressful experience.

Find Out How Natural Bio Health Can Help You

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We have office locations to serve patients throughout the state of Texas. While we’re dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we can schedule telemedicine visits so you can speak with an experienced professional from the safety of your home. To find out about our services and how we can help you maintain your physical, mental, and immunity health, contact us today at [phone-number].