Mental Health Month 2020

The month of May is declared Mental Health Month by Mental Health America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health. 

Mental Health Month seeks to spark conversation and awareness about mental illness. According to Mental Health America, one in five Americans suffers from mental illness. But they also stress that many Americans suffer from lesser forms of mental distress that can get in the way of our daily routines. 

Tips for Improving Mental Health

This year’s theme is Tools 2 Thrive, so Mental Health America has provided a number of tips to guide Americans to a mentally healthier life. First, being able to identify the emotions you are experiencing is essential to problem-solving your mental distress. Allowing yourself time to experience sadness, anger, or frustration is actually more beneficial than bottling it up. Journaling or talking to someone you trust about what you are feeling can help you tease out exactly what is triggering those emotions, so then you can start building a plan to eliminate those triggers. 

Many people experience a decline in their mental health after experiencing a major loss in their life. This could be the loss of a pet, a loved one, a job, or a home. This can trigger feelings of sadness or depression. Experts recommend looking for the positive in everyday activities and interactions, seeing your experience as an opportunity to grow, and finding ways to honor your loss. 

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