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8 Tips to Beat Sugar Cravings

8 Tips to Beat Sugar Cravings

1. Don’t buy high calorie sweets: Stock up on strawberries and blueberries and other healthy treats.

2. Exercise: Exercise stimulates brain chemicals that make you feel content and happy.

3. Reduce the amount of food you eat in a day: The more food you eat the more sugar cravings can potentially become.

4. Eat Breakfast: Don’t skip breakfast it stimulates that craving for sugar.

5. Limit your fruit intake: Too much fruit in one day can create sugar cravings. Try to limit yourself if you are susceptible to sugar cravings. Maybe just one or two pieces of fruit a day.

6. Stay away from fruit juice and alcohol. They are full of sugar and in some cases empty calories. Avoid honey in your drinks.

7. Chromemate:  *This a mineral that studies have shown may reduce carbohydrate ravings

8. Eat protein: Keep your meals simple and eat plenty of protein.


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