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An Austin Doctor explains the correlation between Low Progesterone and Premenstrual Syndrome

An Austin Doctor explains the correlation between Low Progesterone and Premenstrual Syndrome

Video Transcription:

I’d like us to take a few moments to discuss a very interesting syndrome that has been neglected for the last, oh gosh, many, many years. That is called pre-menstrual syndrome commonly called the word PMS. Premenstrual syndrome has been misunderstood because for years and years it was thought to be a psychiatric disorder.

Women were afraid to come out and talk about it because for fear they’d be put into an insane asylum or they’d be treated with all sorts of drugs that would basically not cure the problem, but just sort of treat the symptom. So, I did a lot of research and back in the 80’s, I had a very large PMS clinic in Houston, Texas and was able to really help a lot of women with the problem.

And, what I found was as far as the ideology’s concerned, it’s clearly a deficiency of progesterone, whether it be due to after having several pregnancies, after miscarrying, after hysterectomy. Even some women who haven’t had children will have it because of a progesterone deficiency, even as young as 15 or 16.

The problem is that there’s a normal amount of PMS like symptoms like one gets with their menses every month but as these symptoms become more violent, so to speak, more prolonged and basically cause a problem with a woman’s every day living. Then it becomes clinically known as PMS with ovulatory dysfunctions.

I’ll spend some time in the future going over some of the treatments for this, as well as some of the issues that we can do to change one’s lifestyle to improve upon the symptoms; and help many women who haven’t had the opportunity to be treated in the past.


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