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Andropause and the whole testosterone level thing

Andropause and the whole testosterone level thing

Andropause is not necessarily a condition that many have added to their vocabulary. And for good reason. Men don’t want to think that they actually go through the “male menopause” and women don’t want to think their husbands can actually relate to what they are going through. While this may not be true for every couple, oftentimes testosterone will work wonders for a man’s ego, according to Dr. Neal Rouzier, MD, author of How to Achieve Healthy Aging. Now many couples do not want to admit that there is such a thing as andropause, but hormone replacement therapy can really be just what you need to bring your waning sexual life up to speed. The only problem is, not many men want to admit the new changes despite how difficult it is to bring a stimulating sexual life to their partners. Their partners can sometimes be just as reluctant to admit it, but when it’s affecting the relationship on a deeper level, it may be time to have a look into the various kinds of treatment available. Let’s start with testosterone. There is total testosterone and free testosterone.

The total testosterone level is significantly higher than the free testosterone level. Total testosterone measures most of the testosterone and this exists mostly in the blood as a protein-bound complex. This complex becomes the carrier or transport molecule that stores and sends testosterone throughout the body. The protein tightly binds testosterone to make it hard for testosterone to float around freely in the blood. In this sense it is around to be stored and not so much to be accessed. On the contrary, free testosterone does float around freely in the blood. It is accessible and available for use and attaches to testosterone receptor sites. So how does this relate to men? Well, as they get older, free testosterone is lost, and it’s the most important testosterone. Total testosterone stays the same. How does this happen? Because of increased amounts of protein that specifically binds testosterone. Many factors may cause this, including an increase in estrogen level, though this particular factor has minimal influence. Testosterone is an important ingredient in the body and when levels are not looked after, it becomes necessary to find ways to treat it. It may not be an ideal situation, but to stay fit and healthy a little longer and to bring testosterone levels back where they are supposed to be is vital to your well-being and many times, relationship with your partner.


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