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Andropause is the “male menopause”

Aging happens to all of us. For women there’s menopause. It’s a condition where they pause on men and go ballistic. Well, maybe not, but the main question here is, if there’s menopause for women, what is there for men? Womenopause? Nah. It’s called andropause and it’s treatable, like many other conditions that come with aging. It was not until recently did research show that many men experience similar physical and emotional symptoms when going through the aging process. Andropause is basically a form of “male menopause.”

A man will typically go through a decreased level of testosterone when getting older. Other new changes include a lower level of libido, impotence, decreased muscle mass and strength, osteoporosis, heart disease, stamina, sleep disorders, mood changes, depression and anxiety. Obviously getting older is not something anyone can avoid, but there’s good news. Andropause may be treated so that strength, vitality, and quality of life can be restored. Usually this can be done with supplemental testosterone. *This hormone supplement re-balances the system, but because not all men are the same, it’s best to do some blood tests and by checking against age, it’ll be possible to see how much testosterone is needed. Hormone replacement therapy can be customized to fit the person in need, which is the beauty of this treatment method. A common method is applying the hormone via creams, gels, or lotions on the skin. If you are a man who may be undergoing andropause, it’s a good idea to consult with your provider about symptoms and different treatments available to you. The various options out there will help you return to a livelier, healthier version of yourself.

You should research the different options to make sure you are getting the treatment that is most suitable to you. This is not an easy time for you or your partner, so to make things easier, it can be nice to have a quiet, clear, and uninterrupted discussion about what you would like to try and if any signs or symptoms are actually signals for different medical conditions, such as Low T. Signs can be subtle and it’s important to find out just where they lead if they are not regular signs of aging as is usually expected. Chances are your partner will want to go with you so make sure to record and/or remember the different signs and changes you are experiencing in your body so that you can make an accurate report to your healthcare provider.


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