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Are Genetics Tied to Weight?

Are Genetics Tied to Weight?

Genes are the blueprint to the body. When the body is growing or repairing itself, it relies on the information coded into it’s genetics. But while some families share distinctive noses or interesting eye colors, other families share a history of difficult health conditions like cancer and obesity.

If you’re struggling with your weight or just want to get healthier, you’ve probably wondered about the role genetics play when it comes to weight and weight loss. Those extra few pounds or difficulty losing weight could be a result of your DNA. Read more about how your genetic predisposition can influence weight loss and how Natural Bio Health uses genetic testing to help you conquer your health goals.

How Your Genetics Affect Your Weight

The impact of genetics on weight varies per person. However, there are broad truths applicable to everyone. For example, genetics impact the distribution of muscle and fat composition in the body. How one meal of carb-heavy food impacts a person’s fat and muscle percentages can vary based on genes.

In rarer cases, genetic mutations can prevent the burning of fat or increase cravings for unhealthy foods. In addition, specific inherited conditions can result in obesity or weight gain as a side effect.

One explanation for the variation in weight refers to “thrifty genes.” These genes are a holdover from earlier human history, where food options were scarce and famine was common. Men and women who could store fat — or had “thriftier genes” — would be better at surviving tough times.

How Your Genetics Affect Your Weight Loss

As mentioned, specific gene mutations can affect the burning of fat — an essential step in the weight loss process. They can also affect your eating habits, digestion, mental health (which is linked to your weight), and hormones.

Genes most likely contribute to being overweight in people who have been overweight for most of their life and who have a family history of obesity or weight-related issues. If your weight gain is more recent or seems to be related to external factors, genes may not be as involved.

How Can Natural Bio Health Help Me?

At Natural Bio Health, we offer state-of-the-art genetic testing revealing your predispositions toward weight gain or obesity, as well as many other conditions that may affect your health. The test takes only a few minutes and can even be completed at home. Once the test is complete, you will meet with one of our medical experts to go over the results of your test. With our expert assistance, you will soon understand what conditions you may be at risk for, and how best to handle them.

We review your test and provide you with guidance and materials to meet your health goals. Our one-on-one guidance about lifestyle and diet is unparalleled. And the all-natural pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements can help to counteract genetic predispositions.

To learn more about the benefits of genetic testing and our medical expert consultations, click here to contact a Natural Bio Health in your area.

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