Austin Andropause: What is Andropause? How does it affect males?

Video Transcription:

Andropause has often called male menopause but that’s kind of an anomaly because if you’re an andropause that means you’re a man. What it means is that the practical matter is that our testosterone levels are declining dramatically. We tend to lose energy, sleep can become an issue. One of the things we notice is, of course, sex drive can decrease.

Another thing we particularly notice is we don’t have the energy we used to have. When we go to the gym, we used to be able to build muscle. Now it’s very difficult to build muscle and we kind of wonder sometimes, “Why am I in the gym because I don’t seem to be able to build muscle anymore? I’m not getting the same benefits.”

Depression can be a factor in low testosterone. Prostate cancer can be a factor in low…


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