Austin Bioidentical Hormones: Should I stop taking my thyroid medication?

Video Transcription:

Yeah, many times when we, our provider will prescribe natural thyroid for our clients. What we find out is TSH which is just a signal from the body, it’s called thyroid stimulating hormone. It’s a signal from the body that, “Hey, I need some more T3 or maybe I need some more T4.” So, what happens when the ladies or the men are put on our natural thyroid is your T3 goes up to a nice optimal level; T4 goes up to a nice optimal level.

So, the TSH, the signal from the body says, “Hey, I’m okay. I don’t really need more free T3 or T4.” Sometimes, providers mistakenly mistake this for what is called hyperthyroidism. Therefore, they’ll say, “Well, you need to get off your thyroid because you’re getting too much.” The problem with that is a classic case of hyperthyroidism is a person is literally bouncing off the walls. They’re usually fairly thin, very hyper. This does not apply to our patients.


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