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Austin Bioidentical Hormones: The Science Behind Hormones

Austin Bioidentical Hormones: The Science Behind Hormones

Video Transcription:

Yeah, it’s a common myth out there that there are no long-term studies on natural hormones including growth hormone. There are actually double-blind studies on several of the hormones. Basically, hormone therapy is all based on science. There’s lots of science that show the difference. For example, between synthetic progestin which is contained in birth control pills and natural progesterone.

*For example, there’s lots of studies that show progestin will actually increase your risk of breast cancer. This is what people hear about when they are told not to take hormone replacement therapy. What they’re really talking about is synthetic Provera which is synthetic progestin. Important to know the difference. Because the difference is between increasing your risk of breast cancer or decreasing your risk of breast cancer.

The same with growth hormone. There are ten-year double-blind studies on the benefits of growth hormone as to affecting lean body composition, abdominal fat…


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