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Austin Hormone Doctor Explains The Findings Of The Women’s Health Initiative.

Austin Hormone Doctor Explains The Findings Of The Women’s Health Initiative.

Video Transcription:

I’d like to take a little time to discuss the issue of the Women’s Health Initiative, a study that was done from in 1997 to about 2003. They enrolled about 17,000+ women in the study for post menopausal treatment they call Estrogen Replacement Therapy or they call it HRT. They use Prempro which is a synthetic type of estrogen/progesterone. They found at the end of the 2003, that there was a high incidence compared to the placebo of heart disease and also of strokes, as well as problems with breast cancer.

Now, what happened was they had to stop the study because of this and then many, many, many women over the last several years have been neglected by not taking hormones because of the fear of having breast cancer, heart disease, or even having strokes. The problem with the study was they didn’t start the ladies on the hormone until they were 62-years old. Otherwise, they were late beginning the study. Women who are 62-years old have already had almost 12 or 23 years to develop heart disease, as well as things that may produce them into strokes.

You can’t prevent heart disease unless you start at age 50, and you certainly can’t treat heart disease with estrogen or progesterones at age 62. But more important is that in the last three days, a very important article came out in the New York Times, the prime instigator of the Women’s Initiative. The person, who did the basically promoting and also helping to orchestrate this wonderful study, came up with the decision after 10 years of follow-up that women who had hysterectomies and grown estrogen only had less breast cancer than those patients who were taking the placebo.

Well what this says then, that estrogen did not cause the breast cancer. As a matter of fact, if you look at the literature, we found several articles that show that Medroxyprogesterone seems to be what would cause the cancer a lot more than likely the estrogen. So as result, we at the Lifetime Health have promoted the use of natural estrogen, Estradiol, and natural progesterone, wherein the progestin Provera or which is also called Medroxyprogesterone. I think that over the next several years, we’ll find that the Women’s Health Initiative will be able to probably support this issue that natural progesterone actually doesn’t cause cancer as the Medroxyprogesterone did but actually will prevent cancer about 29%.


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