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Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy: Benefits of Progesterone

Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy: Benefits of Progesterone

Video Transcription:

Well for me, the big benefit with progesterone is I personally prefer to take the long-term birth control pills, the ones that you can go three months at a time without having a period. And, I know with that, there’s often an added risk for your health. As well as, you tend to have more spotting and longer heavier periods when it does come.

For me, progesterone has made it to where I don’t get any of the crummy symptoms like the headaches or the long heavy periods. It’s a lot shorter, a lot lighter and in the meantime, I also sleep a lot better. I seem to be a little less moody than I was before. I always kind of thought of myself as just a generally, overly emotional person. Crying over commercials, things like that.

I find that I am a little more even keeled now. I tend to be in a more consistent mood on a daily basis which makes my life and everybody else around me life a little bit easier.


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