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Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy: Can hormones help young people?

Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy: Can hormones help young people?

Video Transcription:

Yes, hormones can definitely help young people. We have a number of young ladies, teenagers that come into our clinic. Often they’re referred by their mothers who have had similar problems when they were young. These problems could range from heavy bleeding to cramping to headaches, sometimes migraine headaches.

Sometimes ladies, young ladies can have what they call PCOS, that’s Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. What that can cause is weight gain, can make it very difficult to lose weight and young ladies can really struggle with weight because of these issues. The low progesterone level is very common in young ladies who do have problems with their periods.

The good thing about addressing these at an early age is you could avoid a lot of the issues that tend to rise with these, including skin breakouts, weight problems, struggles with weight. Obviously, struggles with your periods and sometimes it goes the other way. The young ladies may actually have no periods. So, all of these things are related to typically low progesterone, sometimes low thyroid but more often than not, low progesterone.

So again, we see these young ladies, we help them get a start early in life.


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