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Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women With Menopause

Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women With Menopause

Video Transcription:

Post menopausal ladies typically are anywhere from approximately 50, of course up to 70, 80 years old. Yes, even as we age into the higher rounds of aging, we can actually benefit from hormone replacement therapy. Getting hormones in the early stages of course give you more prevention. Now, what do I mean by prevention?

*If you’re a lady and you’re still in the early years of post menopause, you have about 85% reduction in your risk of Alzheimer. If you start Estradiol and progesterone at least 10 years before the onset of any symptoms, so we do recommend early use of bio-identical hormones. Another benefit is progesterone, progesterone pretty much will help protect you against breast cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and uterine cancer if you still have your uterus.

All these are incredible health benefits. *Estrogen over the years, of course, has been shown to protect you against heart disease. It also protects your collagen in your skin. Another common hormone is testosterone for women. Yes, women need testosterone just as much as men. The difference is women typically need a lot less. But it still protects your heart just like it does in men. It helps the elasticity of your skin, makes your skin thicker.

*It also helps prevent amyloid plaque formation in the brain which also helps reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s. Another obvious benefit, of course, of testosterone is sex drive. Many times our post menopausal ladies just like our men will complain of low sex drive. All of these are benefits that you can expect to derive from bio-identical hormones.


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