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Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women With The Use Of Testosterone

Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women With The Use Of Testosterone

Video Transcription:

Hello Ladies, my name is NBH. I’m the clinic director of NBH Lifetime Health and I would like to talk today about testosterone. Most of us know that testosterone is a male hormone that is very important in males. Many of us do not know that testosterone is just as important to females. Why? Because as we age, our testosterone declines both in males and females. Now, most of us know that testosterone has something to do with sex drive.

Well, of course it’s very important to sex drive but it has many other benefits. Energy, how does testosterone work in energy? It raises your blood count, your blood count then burns oxygen which allows you to have more energy. Recent studies show that testosterone in both men and women can prevent amyloid plaque formation in the brain. This of course helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

What are some of the more immediate effects though? We notice in our clinic that sometimes people will come in and we’ll do a body comp on them, and they actually have a lot of muscle to gain. We typically find that that’s kind of associated with low sex drive, lack of energy, and when they go to the gym, they tell us, “Wow, I can’t build muscle anymore.” Well, that all has to do with your testosterone levels.

*So, if you want to build muscle, if you want to have energy, if you want to restore or increase your sex drive, then we provide testosterone for both men and women. So women, remember your sex drive is just as important as the male sex drive out there. So, get your free testosterone level checked and find out if that could be one of your problems.


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