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Austin Hormone Replacement: What Hormones Should I Take?

Austin Hormone Replacement: What Hormones Should I Take?

Video Transcription:

Hormones you take should be dictated by your provider’s examination of you and almost as importantly, the examination of your lab test. Again as I mentioned earlier, you can test all your hormones. For example, if you want to know what your estradiol level is, take an estradiol test. Progesterone, testosterone, free testosterone, total testosterone, thyroid, all of these can be tested.

More importantly is, once you’re on hormone replacement to replace or restore those hormones that are deficient, you can re-test and make sure they’re at optimal levels. Of course, you also know how you’re feeling. So the good thing about hormones is there’s objective evidence, that’s the lab test and there’s subjective evidence which is how you feel.


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