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Austin Hormone Replacement: Why You Need Hormones

Austin Hormone Replacement: Why You Need Hormones

Video Transcription:

A lot of ladies will come to us and men say, “Well, I’m feeling pretty good for my age. I’m not really seeing if I’m a lady; I’m not really seeing the hot flashes, the moodiness. I think I feel good.” Well, the truth is you might feel fairly good now but your hormones are declining and have declined.

Again, I like to tell all of our clients is you don’t have to take our word for anything. Let’s test. Let’s do a blood test and find out where you’re at. Now, we do know that all hormones decline as we age, not necessarily the same in each person. Your symptoms are important but also are important are your health risk when you have very low levels of hormones.

Again, the assumption that you’re going to get health protection whether it’s from heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, any other forms of cancer. This all assumes that you have protective healthful levels of estrogen, for example, or progesterone; or testosterone if you’re a male.

So, it’s very important that just because you don’t have symptoms yet, that you know your hormones have declined.


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