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Austin Hormone Therapy: Natural Hormones and Weight Gain

Austin Hormone Therapy: Natural Hormones and Weight Gain

Video Transcription:

Women that take hormones can gain weight; women who don’t take hormones, gain weight. Hormones are not a magic weight loss pill. What they do is they help those people who can’t lose weight no matter what they do because of the lack of hormones. The thing to understand about hormones is that hormones make your body more efficient.

Even young people who have lots of hormones can have weight issues. So I don’t want to assume that just because you’re taking hormones, you’re going to automatically lose weight. The key is that if you exercise and diet properly and we call diet, really eating healthy, you shouldn’t struggle with weight.

Many of the ladies and the guys who come to us say, “Listen NBH, what’s going on here? I’m doing everything right. I’m exercising; I’m eating properly. I still gain weight!” So, what we notice there is that their hormones are low and sub-optimal, and once these hormones are restored to a more youthful, healthful level then they don’t struggle with weight.


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