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Austin Hormones: Is Suzanne Somers right?

Austin Hormones: Is Suzanne Somers right?

Video Transcription:

Suzanne Somers has been taking bio-identical hormones for approximately 12 years now. That’s about how long we’ve been doing bio-identical hormones here at NBH Lifetime Health. Most of the material in her book are quoted from providers who are practicing bio-identical hormones. There are few minor things we disagree with but those things are fairly minor when you talk about hormones.

She’s been very successful obviously. You could just look at her and see how well hormones are working for you. My wife and I have been taking hormones for 12 years. Our provider here takes hormones, so does his wife. *Hormones are safe. A provider friend of mine in California has been using them for 25 years.

Most of the information again, it contains instances in Suzanne Somers books has been very instrumental in helping people understand the benefits of bio-identical hormones. And, why ladies and men should seek out those who are specialists in the use of bio-identical hormone therapy.


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