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Austin Hormones: Why is my provider so against me taking hormones?

Austin Hormones: Why is my provider so against me taking hormones?

Video Transcription:

A lot of providers are against taking hormones because they read the studies or listen to the newspaper just like many of us do. They don’t really understand the science that is out there and the difference between the synthetic hormones and the natural hormones. How many times have I heard providers tell clients of ours that they have hyperthyroidism? And, the reason they’re telling this is because they do a blood test and they test a lab value called TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone.

Now, because that thyroid stimulating hormone is very low, they assume without further checking that this person has hyperthyroidism. Actually, they don’t. Other examples would be, they tell ladies that, “Well, you don’t need hormone because unless you’re having hot flashes, there’s no reason to take them.” Another thing they typically tell ladies is, “Well, you want to take hormone for the shortest time possible.”

The problem with that theory is they are correct, in one sense. They’re talking about synthetic hormones. So when they talk to ladies about not taking hormones, they are right in that you should not take synthetic hormones very long, if at all. Course, our recommendation is don’t take them at all. But so the provider is correct in one hand but they’re not extrapolating the knowledge to the natural bio-identical hormones.

Also, a lot of times you’ll hear, “Well, you’re aging, just deal with it. You’re getting old.” Well, we think you should deal with it too, but we have a little different approach. We don’t think you have to accept all the maladies of aging. We think you can maintain and regain vitality and the zest for living, in part, by the use of natural hormone.


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