Austin Hormones: Won’t hormones increase my risk of breast cancer?

Video Transcription:

*As I mentioned earlier, not only will hormones not increase your risk of breast cancer, if taken properly under proper medical supervision by an expert in natural hormones but they will decrease your risk. Again, lots of studies on this subject. The studies of about increasing risk of breast cancer in women, mostly founded by the Women’s South Initiative Study, talk about synthetic progestin.

Synthetic progestin has been shown to increase your risk of breast cancer significantly! Now, it’s important to understand that is what is contained in most birth control pills. So when I tell ladies not to take hormone replacement therapy, they’re talking about the synthetic estrogen and the synthetic progestin.

*So, if you want to decrease your risk of breast cancer then you should seriously look into natural progesterone and taking hormones under the guidance of a natural hormone expert.


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