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Austin Medical Clinic Breaks Down His Hormone Replacement Therapy Programs

Austin Medical Clinic Breaks Down His Hormone Replacement Therapy Programs

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is NBH. I’m the director of education and research at NBH Lifetime Health. We’ve been in the hormone replacement therapy business and the weight loss business for approximately 12 years now. We have a number of programs that are available to our clients. I’d like to talk about some of those programs today.

The first program I’ll talk about is a hormone program. Now, I’m going to break it down into various categories, for example, post menopausal ladies. As we age, our hormones decline. It doesn’t matter who we are, men or women. As we get into our 50’s and sometimes as early as 40’s, we find out that our hormones that we used to have are no longer there. How do we know that?

Number one of course, is how we feel because we don’t feel quite as well as we used to. The other way we know is of course, we laboratory test. Typically, if you’re a post menopausal lady, you’re going to find that your estrogen level, your progesterone level, and testosterone level, as well as thyroid are probably going to be very low or what we like to call sub-optimal.

*Now, what is hormone therapy all about? We use bio-identical hormones, those are also considered and called natural hormones because they perfectly match what your body produces. Our hormone program for post menopausal ladies generally consist of restoring your now low hormones to more optimal levels. What do we call optimal levels? The levels of a healthy 25- year old.

Yes, you heard me right. The levels of a healthy 25-year old. So that’s what our basic hormone program is all about. We also, by the way, test all of your heart factors. We do a couple lab tests that typically traditional medicine does not do, Homocysteine, C-Reactive Protein. We of course, check your cholesterol, your blood sugar, your kidney liver functions, your calcium, your protein, typically Vitamin B3. All these tests are included in our comprehensive evaluation.


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