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Austin Medical Clinic Director Stresses The Importance Of A Medically Supervised Prescription Hormones Diet

Video Transcription:

One of the issues that have come up in the past is that Prescription Hormones has been used by non-physicians. It’s been advertised over the Internet and we believe clearly that it should be basically administered in a medical environment with a physician on board. The reason for it is that there are a lot of issues that can be determined at the time of blood testing, for instance that may reflect the reason why women or men have not lost weight.

We are very much of an opponent of thyroid studies as well as blood sugars for diabetes, kidney problems, liver dysfunctions of various types, problem with their blood count, anemia, and of course, thyroid. Thyroid seems to be the most neglected of all. The different problems that women and men have, particularly women who are probably 4 out of every 10 women have a thyroid deficiency. Unfortunately, the traditional medicine, when they measure their levels, they measure their T4, they measure their TSH, uptakes, and fail to measure free T3.

It’s the free T3 that we feel like as a big impact on the ability of women and men to lose weight. Many times we’ll adjust the levels of the thyroid, T3, and T4 above what is called the “expected range” because we go on their symptoms, as well as their lab tests. One can not just use the lab test to be able to diagnose or treat thyroid deficiencies appropriately and help men and women to lose weight.


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