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Austin Weight Loss Clinic Discusses The Importance Of Lab Tests When It Comes To Losing Weight

Austin Weight Loss Clinic Discusses The Importance Of Lab Tests When It Comes To Losing Weight

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is NBH, director of education and research at NBH Lifetime Health. I’d like to talk today a little about lab tests. A lot of weight loss clinics out there, they don’t do lab tests. We’re not quite clear why but we think it’s very important that you do weight loss in a medical setting. Now, does everybody need a medical setting? No. Sometimes exercise and just eating properly can help you a lot but many times people have other issues that make it very difficult to lose weight.

In our clinic, we often hear people say, “I’m eating right, I’m exercising, why can’t I lose weight?” Well, that’s one of those things we help you determine. We like to think that we specialize in rapid and permanent weight loss. We not only help you get the weight off but we particularly are concerned about making sure you keep the weight off. Weight loss shouldn’t be such a major part of your life. You shouldn’t have to worry every day about your calorie count, about what you’re eating.

You may have to do that for a short-term in order to get rid of some unhealthy fat but what’s important is your long-term maintenance. We address a lot of things; we start with blood tests. We want to find out where you’re at. Do you have any unhealthy conditions? Maybe your cholesterol is high? Maybe your thyroid’s really low? Many times we’re going to test your hormones. The most common weight loss problem we see in ladies is what’s called estrogen dominance. So, we’re going to determine whether or not you have estrogen dominance.

Another common reason for ladies to have trouble with weight is PCOS. That sounds scary, it’s polycystic ovary syndrome. Our provider will determine whether that applies to you or does not apply to you. Very important to address these issues because if you don’t, even if you lose weight, you may gain it back in a very short time. We do body composition tests. What do they do? They measure your percent body fat, your body mass index, tell us whether you’re drinking enough water; tell us whether your lean body mass is something that needs to be gained, whether you need to, exactly how much fat you have to lose.

And, we monitor your weight loss program to determine that you’re in fact losing fat and not muscle. Very important to make sure you’re losing fat and not muscle. Why? A lot of weight loss clinics will help you lose weight but what happens is you lose a lot of muscle and you slow down metabolically. The problem with that is as soon as you start eating, you’re going to gain weight back again and probably gain more than you had in the first place.


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