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Austin Weight Loss Clinic Explains His Fast Track Weight Loss Program

Austin Weight Loss Clinic Explains His Fast Track Weight Loss Program


Video Transcription:

Hello, my name is NBH, clinic director of NBH Lifetime Health. Today I’m going to talk about our Fast Track Program with Prescription Hormones. Prescription Hormones is very popular. We probably work with over 4000 patients now in our various clinics. People lose a substantial amount of weight in a short time. Sometimes people don’t have that much weight to lose or maybe they just want to try it out a little bit before they test the full price of the program.

So, we offer the 25-Day Fast Track Program with Prescription Hormones. You still get all your products; you get a full 25-day supply of Prescription Hormones. You get a pharmaceutical grade Multi Vitamin/Multi Mineral, you get a Cleanse Max, which is a 30-day cleanse program. You get a B-12 shot every time you come into our clinic but the price is much less because it goes for 25 days. Now, the good news about this Fast Track Program, if you only have about 10 pounds, maybe 15 pounds to lose then that’s what we’d recommend for you.

However, if you have more than that to lose but you’re not quite ready to commit yourself to 43 days, then that’s another reason to take the 25-day program. A third reason, of course is that you just want to make sure it works before you commit yourself to the full 43 days. So typically, what we offer is if you do the program for 25 days, about day 21 you’ve pretty much determined, “Wow, this is really working good for me! So now I want to extend.”

All you do is pay the difference between what you would have paid on a 43-day program and what you paid for the 25-day program. So we give you no penalties. Both programs are great and many times all you really need is a 25-day program.


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