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Beginning to Run

Sometimes when we want to lose weight and we don’t know where to start, running can be a great place to begin the process of reaching our goal weight. In our minds we want it all: to be able to fit in a regular running routine schedule every week and get to meet our deadline when it comes to reading the balance as well. Now how do we accomplish all that? There’s no easy way around it, as with all situations and things that are hard to come by. But there is always a solution that can help us reach around the seemingly lofty goal.

The first thing we must keep in mind is that you can only lose the weight you want to get rid of by not taking in more calories than you burn. Now if you measure and keep track of your weight, this is fairly easy to manage. Well, numerically at least. However, the key thing here to remember is, there is a fine line between maintaining a record of current weights and obsessing over calories. Be careful of the method you use to monitor your weight! Only you have the power of self-control and no one else can stop or start you on a calorie hunt. Not all of us have the time to keep track of calories anyway. The main thing to remember is to get your diet to work with your running routine. We all know how to run, but we don’t all put it into practice. No matter what exercise regimen you end up choosing and sticking to, running is a great way to start the process of losing weight.

If you have never been a regular runner to being with, you’ll notice right off the bat that you feel sore after your first jogging session. That is absolutely normal for someone who has not been used to exercising on a regular basis and absolutely fine. Make sure you listen to your body! You’re going to want to do stretches and warm-ups to be sure your muscles will be intact at the end of the workout. You also don’t want to keep running for more than 20 minutes or so if your body is still adjusting. If you like the gym, consider the elliptical. If you like nature, consider going for a jog around the neighborhood. Bring your iPod, or better yet, listen to the birds and sounds outside. Whatever you decide, create an environment that you and your body can enjoy. It’s important to find a balance.


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