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Benefits of Estrogen for Women

*HOT FLASHES:  Relief of vasomotor instability including hot flashes, insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, depression, vaginal dryness, cystitis, and loss of libido (sex drive).

*CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE:  50% drop in fatal heart attacks for those women who had a hysterectomy when estrogen is “added-back.”
Since cardiovascular disease kills 10 times more women than breast cancer, the use of estrogenic compounds may be able to prevent half of annual deaths..

*STROKES:  50% decrease with estrogen use! Since a number of women are incapacitated by strokes every year, a 50% reduction would allow the majority to function at home, rather than in care facilities should they survive the initial injury.

*ALZHEIMER’s DISEASE: Estrogen use may drop the incidence by 90%, a 20 fold decrease in senility with 20 years of ERT! This disease and senile dementia affects most women in their last years of life. The long term use of estrogen may be the only method known to prevent this disease, and then, almost entirely.

*OSTEOPOROSIS: Broken hips prevented by 50%! More than 50,000 women die yearly from complications related to hip fracture. Most die within 3-6 months. More than 50% of these death might be prevented with regular estrogen use.

The ability to maintain sexual relations with your partner and avoid that constant burning sensation from the bladder is another benefit of estrogen. Since the vagina and bottom of the bladder are estrogen sensitive, the use of estrogen can alleviate the majority of these localized symptoms.


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