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Body Composition Analysis for Austin Medical Clinic

Body Composition Analysis for Austin Medical Clinic

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name’s Nikki and I work for Natural Bio Health. I am one of the medical assistants here and am one of the first people that you’ll see when you come into our clinic. I will run a body comp on you and I also do a weekly weigh-ins and give Lipoplex injections. These are for our Prescription Hormones clients or you can just come in and get one any time.

One of the things I do here is run a body comp. This gives us an idea of where you’re at and how much weight to lose. This will give us an idea of your BMI and your percent body fat. One of the other things a body comp will do is tell us how much water you have, how much weight to lose, and how much muscle mass you have.

One of the other advantages of the body comp is that not only does it give us how much weight you need to lose but it also helps us determine that you’re losing fat and not muscle. At the beginning, you will receive a copy of the body comp and at the end you’ll receive another copy of the ending report.


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