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Brain Fitness Therapy

NBH Lifetime Health is now offering Brain Fitness Therapy.

Why focus on the brain? Some reasons are listed below.

*The Brain Is The Most Complex Organ

  • *100 billion neurons, trillion supporting cells
  • *More connections than stars in universe
  • *Had 2% of body’s weight but uses 20-30% of kcals
  • *Uses 20% of the oxygen and blood flow
  • *On average, you lose 85,000 neurons a day and your behavior accelerates brain aging or it can decelerate it.
  • *There are five Brain Types for Overeaters
  • *There are six different Types of Attention Deficit Disorders
  • *50% of People over the age of 85 will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease

At risk for Cognitive Impairment and/or Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Do you have a family member who has Alzheimer’s?
  • Have you been diagnosed with ADD?
  • Have you been diagnosed with depression?
  • Have you ever suffered a head injury?
  • Have you ever suffered a stroke?
  • Do you have a personal history of heart disease, diabetes, or cancer?
  • Do you exercise less than twice a week?
  • Do you not engage in regular learning?

NBH Lifetime Health intends on taking a leading role in Brain Fitness and will provide testing, consultation and treatment for Brain Fitness. We will also be offering programs to “Unleash the Power of Your Brain” for maximum brain power.



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