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Can I make my own meal plan for the Prescription Hormones Diet as long as it’s in the 500 calorie range?

Video Transcription:

We typically don’t recommend that you try to make your own meal plan. The protocol has been around for probably over 60 years now, been a lot of research done with it. If you try to ad lib and add different types of food, you may very well not lose weight. The other problem is that there’s a lot of science involved in this and it’s a very strict protocol.

We know it works if you follow the protocol. However, as soon as you start deviating from it, you may not lose weight. You made a big commitment on this Prescription Hormones diet whether it’s a 43-day plan or whether it’s a 25-day program. So we don’t recommend you deviate. If you do, you may lose weight or you may not lose weight. So, that’s the problem with deviating from the diet.

There’s also some very strict requirements as to sugar; very strict requirements as to fat. So, these are things that we’ve given you an entire list of foods to eat. So you should be fine as long as long as you follow the protocol.


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