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World Mental Health Day

  October 10th is World Mental Health Day. A day to create awareness about mental health, providing education on mental health, and assisting in standing against the typical stigma in society relating to mental illness. In most previous generations, mental health was a topic that was both unknown and feared, and many people suffered as […]

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Hormones and Mental Functionality

Erratic mood swings, loss of concentration and memory impairment are typically associated with mental illnesses, but these symptoms could also be signs of a hormonal imbalance. Keep reading to learn about the role that hormones play in regulating a person’s mood, thoughts and emotions. Hormones and Mental Health Most people associate hormonal imbalances with symptoms

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Feed your brain reduce stress damage

Yes! Feed your brain and reduce stress damage with the natural amino acid, phosphorylated serine (PS). This amino acid is important in the communication and activity of our brain cells and repairing damage caused by stress. For many, it takes the edge off a stressful day and helps many achieve a better quality of sleep.

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Why Viagra for Women Is Not The Answer

What is being touted as Viagra for women or the female Viagra, is a tiny pink pill called Flibanserin that has little if any effect on the sexual drive (libido) of women at any age. The answer to the question, “Why do I have no sex drive,” is that females, just like men, often have

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Do you suffer from depression? It may be your hormones.

Depression is in the news because of the unfortunate death of Robin Williams, a man who brought laughter to millions of people. The only positive thing about his death is that depression is “temporarily” in the news (news always moves on fairly quickly). What is not in the news or commonly understood is the relationship

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