As you get older, there are many chemical changes that occur inside the body. One of these is that you create less of the hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA. This hormone is a steroid that is naturally produced by the adrenal glands, brain and gonads. Studies done on DHEA has shown how profoundly this hormone affects many different systems of the body. Taking supplements of this hormone are believed to give you many of the benefits that the naturally produced hormone does.

The Benefits of DHEA

This hormone is believed to improve the way that both the immune system and the brain function. It may halt some of the damage stress does to the body, increase energy, improve mood and enhance cognitive ability. The potential benefits of using DHEA supplements also include increasing your sensitivity to insulin and reducing your overall body fat. It may reduce cholesterol levels as well and therefore prevent heart disease. This hormone is a powerful antioxidant and will help to prevent free radicals from forming and causing damage within the body.*

By boosting the metabolism, it helps the body to burn calories faster and better prevent extra fat from accumulating. This hormone has also been shown to boost the sex drive and to give a better emotional stability.  It can help to protect against diabetes because it gives increased insulin sensitivity. For diabetics, taking it can mean having to take less insulin to manage their condition.*

Many people choose to take the supplement because of the many ways that it fights aging within the body. The antioxidant power and boost of cognitive abilities fight two main effects of getting older. Because it helps the body better cope with stress, it can help many systems of the body to avoid the damage that stress can cause.*

DHEA Levels as You Age

This hormone does so many important things that the body certainly reacts to the lessening amount of it when you get older. Compared to the amount of this substance your body makes at the age of 25, your body will make less than 20% of that amount before you turn 70. By the time you’re just 40, you will only make about half of what you did when you were 20. Many people seek out supplements of this hormone to turn back the clock and get more of it into their bodies in order to mimic the levels they had when they were in their early 20s.

Taking DHEA

There are many ways to take this hormone in supplement form. There are capsules that can be taken orally. It can also be obtained through creams and gels that will effectively transfer the hormone into your body. It can be compounded at a pharmacy for a slow release for a consistent level of it in the body. Taking it daily, as well as taking the proper dosage of it, are important for feeling the effects of this supplement.

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