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Diet Choices for Weight Management

Diet Choices for Weight Management

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Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge for many people. Many people embark on diets or weight loss programs; perform well, lose their weight, only to gain it again in the weeks or months to come. This can make the topic of weight loss seem daunting and potentially hopeless. Weight loss is an important goal for many people for health reasons. Fearing weight gain shouldn’t be an issue for you – there are many diet choices for weight management, however, not all are healthy. What’s needed is the right information and the correct support for your journey. Being overweight can affect one’s health negatively. There are many complications of obesity, ranging from mild to severe. These complications include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, sleep apnea, lung and liver disease, gall stones, gout, inflamed veins with blood clotting, and even cancer. Excess weight can cause stress on the body – resulting in poor circulation and decreased energy levels. Depression is also a known complication of excess weight.

Losing weight has many health advantages. Lowered cholesterol and lowered blood pressure are among the most advantageous reasons. Losing weight may also have a positive impact on diabetes. Increases in energy, mental clarity, and better sleep and some of the reported experiences of people who have lost weight.

There are countless weight loss options out there – from calorie restricting diets to juicing-based plans, to fasting-based programs, the options are endless. Many of these programs have found that participation and results decline over time. This is usually because the program is unsustainable, or the person needs motivation and support in order to continue with the program. Most people feel that on a diet, they are being deprived of foods they really want. This makes a person miserable, and likely to drop out of their diet before reaching their goals. It has been found that a high focus on the diet itself – limiting foods, calorie counting, and restrictions – is the cause of many people being unable to stick to their chosen plan. However, studies have shown that shifting the focus to a healthy lifestyle with healthy food choices is the best way to maintain a healthy weight over time. Eating high-quality food that is whole and nutrient-dense is key to a healthy lifestyle.

The sustainability of your eating habits is thus the key. When looking for a weight loss option, look for something that addresses lifestyle changes, and leaves room for the occasional treat/indulgence or slip up. This will help with not feeling overly guilty if you have to deviate from the plan occasionally.

A good option for combining weight loss with long-term healthy lifestyle changes is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has many known benefits which include weight loss, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as well as metabolic benefits.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet. It is a time-based schedule of eating and fasting. The are several different types of intermittent fasting programs, and they do not limit calories or prescribe a particular diet, rather they restrict the number of hours a person can eat in during a day. Types of intermittent fasting options include the 16:8 method, the 5:2 method, Eat Stop Eat, or alternate-day fasting. All have pros and cons, however, the 16:8 method has been described as the most sustainable for overall weight management because of its simplicity, and it’s lean towards a habit formation process of lifestyle change.  With this method of intermittent fasting, the person does not eat for 16 hours and then eats during an 8-hour window.  According to, this can be effective for weight loss, as long as individuals avoid excessive snacking in the 8-hour window of eating. Since intermittent fasting does not prescribe WHAT food is eaten but WHEN, it is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet, including plenty of vegetables and water.

There are certain people who should not intermittently fast. These include pregnant women, children, people needing to take medications at mealtimes, or those with BMI’s lower than 18.51. People with a history of eating disorders and people with diabetes should only consider intermittent fasting under the care of a medical professional.

Making healthy lifestyle changes is not easy. Knowing where to start, and exactly which changes are right for you can be a challenge. This is where Natural Bio Health can step in to assist you.

At Natural Bio Health, we offer non-invasive medical weight loss management programs. Our programs are customizable and provide you not only with a weight loss program but also with supplements and motivational support to keep you going. It is important to remember that our focus is not only on your current weight loss goals but on equipping you with the support you need to maintain a healthy weight in the future. At Natural Bio Health, we are passionate about providing you with a long-term solution. Our approach looks at each client holistically, considering individual factors that could be affecting weight gain and weight loss. We seek to address the potential root causes, such as hormone imbalances. For some people, the benefits of intermittent fasting and/or diet changes may be reduced or less effective.  For others, these benefits will be limited due to hormonal imbalances in the body. At Natural Bio Health, we seek to identify and address the specific hormonal imbalances that a client may be experiencing in order to promote optimal health and wellness. This in turn provides the best possible opportunity for weight loss and a healthy weight long-term.


Our customizable plans include:

  • 30-day program.
  • 45-day program.
  • 60-day program.
  • 90-day program.
  • Appetite-suppressant programs
  • Weight loss counseling

One of the major benefits of working with our team is that you will receive information to best assist you in your weight loss journey, as well as motivational support to reach your goals.

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