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Do both men and women need hormones?

Do both men and women need hormones?

Video Transcription:

Yes, both men and women need hormones. Men go through what is called “andropause.” Most of us are somewhat familiar with menopause. That’s a state where women’s ovaries quit producing estrogen or progesterone. Their testosterone declines. All these major hormones tend to take a nosedive as we age.

Men have what’s called “andropause.” It’s not quite as dramatic as women in the sense that they most often don’t have hot flashes but our testosterone goes very low. Our repair hormone DHEA goes very low. So men and women both have a severe decline in hormones as we age. So, replacing hormones in both men and women are very important to the health.

*For example with ladies, you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 85% by taking estrogen and progesterone in the correct time. You can of course reduce your symptom but you can also protect yourself and large part against breast cancer, and a lot of these other disease processes.

*Men, you can protect yourself against heart disease, prostate cancer. We all, of course, tend to decline with our libido as we age. So sex drive can be very rewarding by restoring our hormones to more youthful levels.


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