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Fish is food for the brain

Fish is food for the brain

When losing weight there comes a day when you reach that seemingly impossible weight. Congratulations to you once you get there! Everyone has the capability to reach the ideal weight that they want. The next question is what you will do with this newfound weight. Will you do your best to keep it off or will you decide that what you went through was enough and it’s time to go back to the old life? Hopefully your choice will be to keep that weight off! If this is your choice, think about ways to continue eating healthy.

Yes, trans fats and saturated fats are bad for you, but omega-3 fatty acids are what your body needs. You know that nuts and extra virgin olive oil are part of a great new beginning in getting your source of omega-3s and good heart-healthy snacks. Now it’s time to make it down a different avenue: seeds and fish. You want to try sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, along with nuts like almonds for a good mix. Sunflower seeds can be an enjoyable snack that you can take in while doing other activities such as watching TV, reading, or typing something on the computer. Consider adding sunflower seeds or flaxseeds in your salads. It’s a great way to incorporate them in your diet without having to eat them separately if you feel like you’d rather fit it into a meal instead of a snack time.

You know they are right when they say fish is food for the brain! Your absolute best rich source of omega-3s come from fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in mostly coldwater fish. Due to the environment these fish live in and the tiny organisms they consume, these coldwater fish are high and rich in omega-3s. You have probably heard already, but tuna and salmon are excellent choices for omega-3s. So next time you are at the deli or the grocery store, get yourself a tuna melt or tuna salad. Yum, yum! Many grocery stores have a frozen foods section where you can find salmon fillets individually packed and ready to go for cooking. Some even have seasoning. There are also the tuna lunches, usually packed in a can. Yes, tuna and salmon packed in a can are safe and healthy to eat. You are trying to get the most fish oil that you can. If you are buying from the can, try to get fish that is packed in water as opposed to oils. And for those who are not fans of the fishy taste, there are always fish oil capsules to try. People of all ages from children to seniors can benefit from fish oil capsules. You can never eat too much! Fish oil keeps your heart healthy and helps you to avoid some emotional illnesses such as depression. All in all, it’s a good bet to go for those omega-3s!


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