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Genetic Testing for Men Panel Info

Genetic Testing for Men Panel Info

On average, women live five years longer than men. Women are also less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses than men. These differences can be attributed to the longevity gap between men and women.

Behavioral, biological, and social factors all contribute to this gender gap. At Natural Bio Health, we are committed to helping men understand the gender gap, as well as their genetic tendencies, providing personalized recommendations based on comprehensive testing.  We have seen firsthand the value of understanding your existing genetic predispositions, and a panel of blood tests can offer vital insight for your health and wellbeing both now and in the future.

Personal Genetic Predisposition

In many men, their genetic inheritance can alter the way they process testosterone and other hormones. Hormonal and metabolic abnormalities in men can result in hair loss, weight gain, moodiness, fatigue, reduced sex drive, and other undesirable changes.

A health panel can help men understand their genetic tendencies and provide personalized recommendations. Genetic testing and DNA analysis can be incredibly helpful in identifying and addressing any abnormalities that might impact life expectancy and quality of life.

Abnormalities in specific polymorphisms can have a negative impact on many metabolic and physiological processes. Overcoming these metabolic weaknesses with the proper supplements enables patients to maximize their genetic variations (SNPs) for optimal health.

Understanding existing genetic predispositions can help you and your provider determine the best course of treatment for any nutritional, hormonal and/or metabolic deficiencies. Additionally, knowing your genetic predispositions can increase the effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy and your awareness of signs and symptoms, pointing to possible complications from any hormone treatment you may receive.

The Complete Men’s Health Panel

Science continues to advance our understanding of sex differences. Consequently, the field of gender-based biology and medicine is better able to focus on addressing the different needs of men and women. New evidence suggests that as men age, specific treatable genetic differences can make it challenging to maintain healthy hormonal levels.

Translating scientific data and analyzing DNA-based results from genetic testing is essential to treating sex-specific illnesses and hormone deficiencies and customizing preventive screenings.

Natural Bio Health offers a GX Sciences Men’s Health Panel. Carefully selected by medical experts, this panel of blood tests is comprised of 15 genetic variants or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that play a significant role in the following:

  • Testosterone Conversion and Breakdown
  • Risk of Hypertension
  • Risk of Metabolic Weakness

The Men’s Health Panel takes a patient’s genetic findings and interprets them. Knowing your genetic predisposition allows therapeutic needs to be determined, lifestyle alterations discussed, and further laboratory tests pursued if necessary.

Your Genetic Health Background

We all have mutations (or variations) in our DNA. If not addressed with the proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and other treatments offered by Natural Bio Health, some of these mutations may lead to serious health conditions and disease.

By having a better understanding of your history and genetic health background through a Men’s Health Panel, you can specifically address areas of your health that could be of concern. The Men’s Health Panel can offer you possible explanations and treatments for hormone imbalances, as well as for IBS, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, and obesity.

Natural Bio Health Genetic Testing can provide information that ultimately leads to a longer, healthier life, while protecting you and your family from life-threatening genetic mutations.

Your Genetic Testing results will offer new insights into your health and help you identify the steps you can take to prevent serious illness or disease.

How Natural Bio Health Can Help

By offering the Men’s Health Panel, Natural Bio Health is part of empowering men to be proactive about their health. The panel includes SNP results, specific nutritional recommendations needed to overcome any identified genetic weaknesses, therapeutic suggestions, lifestyle recommendations to consider, and possible laboratory test recommendations to support the findings.

At Natural Bio Health, we have access to genetic analysis, as well as personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations, to help men take control of their health by making changes to their lifestyle and preventing disease, even if they are genetically prone to it.

Are you ready to unlock the door to improved health through a Men’s Health Panel? Contact our team at Natural Bio Health to receive the most advanced genetic testing and health counseling from top medical experts, and implement a plan to lower any risks and improve your overall health today.

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