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Go nutty with olive oil!

Go nutty with olive oil!

It’s always a good time to eat right. But the problem isn’t when we should start eating right, it’s how we can eat right. While there is no easy answer, it is still comforting to have a basic guide. With so many nutrition panels to navigate and all kinds of advice from a variety of sources out there, it’s a relief whenever you can find something that really works and makes sense and most importantly, won’t ever stop working. There is. Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe or not, it’s not! You can get all the nutrients your body needs by making a few simple adjustments.

For starters, if you must have snack breaks throughout the day, break with something other than a Kit Kat Bar. It’s important not to overeat after your first workout and yes, while it’s wise not to chow down on chocolates, chips, and soda, there’s no harm in having a little bit of junk food every now and then. However, if you substitute your usual junk food snacks with nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and even pine nuts, you are sure to have not only a snack that is healthier, but one that tastes yummy! Studies have shown that those who eat nuts on a regular basis, even 20 or so every day, have better heart health than those who do not. All you really need is a handful of nuts on a daily basis and you’re good to go!

Of course, if you really love nuts already, it’s tempting to eat a lot at once, but it’s good to be careful and watch out for eating too much. Too many nuts and they become bad news for your heart instead of helping it. We’ve all heard of eating fruits instead of chips, but when we get tired of that, nuts are a great alternative.

When cooking, what do you use? If you normally use butter or margarine, consider extra virgin olive oil. Now, if you’re a little wary of olive oil, you can always try basic olive oil that’s not extra virgin. The reason being is olive oil provides you with another beneficial ingredient for your body: omega-3 fats. There are other sources to obtain omega-3s, but cooking your food in olive oil is a great place to start. So remember, start to lose weight by simply eating healthy with nuts and olive oil.


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