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Groceries count as lifting!

Groceries count as lifting!

One rather basic and common activity that you can try on a regular basis to help you lose weight is lifting. Men and women have different amounts of weight that they can lift or not lift and it’s no biggie, but there is no need to set specific guidelines as no one can tell you what your limit is, only you can do that! Do what is comfortable for you and try your best not to compete with anyone else in the weight room or gym or your friends, or workout buddies, or anyone else for that matter. The focus is you, your regular regimen, and the goals you want to achieve when it comes to toning your body. With that said, as with all workout routines, you can either find a nice spot at home just for lifting or go to the gym or somewhere else that you feel comfortable lifting. Many already know that you can start with dumbbells as they are the basic tools you’ll need when getting into a lifting routine. Start with the lightest weight that you are comfortable lifting and figure out how many reps you want to do per set. If that becomes too complicated for you, figure out a number you want to count to and shoot for that amount. Lift dumbbells on both sides, left and right, obviously so that you spread out your routine evenly. As always, with all exercise routines, don’t ever overdo it. Your body will be paying for it later regardless, so to lessen the blow, do the number of sets you are most familiar and comfortable with. Every now and then challenge yourself, but don’t do too many.

Now if you think just lifting dumbbells will get boring too fast, there are some options out there for you to try. Think of your chores and the work that you do at your workplace. Are there opportunities for lifting? When you go grocery shopping, make it a point to park further from the store entrance and if you can, carry your groceries to your car instead of pushing them in the cart. Groceries count as lifting! If you have to do a lot of moving things around at the workplace or even at home such as moving heavy boxes or pieces of furniture around, think of them as chances to do some lifting! Most likely you will start to feel hungry more often, so break for healthy snacks in between that give you an energy boost. Lifting will help you lose some unwanted pounds in addition to building muscle so you are doing your body a big favor when you find opportunities to life in your basic daily activities. Just be safe and remember to lift heavy objects with your legs, not your back.


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