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Hope for Women entering Perimenopause in Austin, TX

Hope for Women entering Perimenopause in Austin, TX

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is NBH. I’m the director of education and research at NBH Lifetime Health. We’ve been in the hormone replacement therapy business for approximately 12 years now. What I would like to address today is what is called the perimenopausal lady, sometimes called the pre-menopausal lady. These are ladies who are still producing estrogen. But typically, what we find is their progesterone levels are low.

Sometimes their testosterone levels are low, and typically the thyroid level is what we call sub-optimal. You may not meet the classic definition for thyroid of hypothyroidism but what we do find is most of us slow down as we start to age. So our metabolic system is not as strong as it used to be. So what we do is a lab test, we check your free thyroid, T4 and TSH. We also check your estradiol level, your progesterone level, your free testosterone, of course.

All of these hormones are things that we can test through the labs to find out if you’re deficient. What we hear the ladies typically complain of is a number of symptoms. They can include, “I have heavy bleeding. I have cramping. I have headaches. I can’t lose weight. I have migraine headaches. I can’t sleep at night. I feel anxious. I feel depressed. I am on anti-depressants.” All of these are things are what we hear that are really related to a lack of hormones.

So when you come into the clinic and you visit with NBH, our M.D or you visit with our nurse practitioners. They will be able to determine what symptoms you have and determine what hormones you’re probably lacking. The lab tests, of course, will verify that their accurate. What we do then is we replace or restore the hormones that you’re deficient in to more healthy levels. I call healthy levels those levels where you feel great. If you had poor sleep, you now sleep well.

If you had any problems with your periods, you no longer have those problems. And typically, if you had any kind of headaches or you felt you were depressed, all those symptoms should disappear in a relative short time once we have you properly balanced and optimized.


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