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Hormone Replacement Therapy: What is the difference between synthetic and natural hormones?

Video Transcription:

There’s tremendous difference between synthetic hormones and bio-identical or natural hormones. The major difference is that all synthetic hormones have to be molecular different than what nature produces. Why is this important? Because you can not get a patent on an item that matches what exist in nature.

So natural hormones, a better word is bio-identical because it perfectly matches what the body produces are much safer. Now, are they just as effective? Yes. Again, you could prove it through blood test; you could prove it through how you feel. Synthetic hormones always have some potential for side effects just like any synthetic drug.

For example, the women’s health initiative study. This study has been quoted over the years as telling ladies, “Don’t take hormone replacement therapy.” Why? Because it will increase your risk of breast cancer. Actually, that’s true. Synthetic Prempro will increase your risk of breast cancer. The studies have shown this.

*However, natural progesterone will decrease your risk of breast cancer. That’s just one example. Estradone will decrease your risk of hip fractures. Testosterone, there’s an inverse relationship between levels of free testosterone in men and prostate cancer. Estrogen and progesterone, if you take them at the appropriate time will decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s by a significant amount.

All these things are benefits of hormones and not necessary benefits of the synthetic hormones that have potentially damaging side effects.


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