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Hormone Therapy Austin: Bioidentical Hormones and Type 2 Diabetes

Hormone Therapy Austin: Bioidentical Hormones and Type 2 Diabetes

Video Transcription:

*Hormone therapy will not only not interfere with your ability to control your blood sugar but it will help you reverse Type 2 diabetes. Now, we’ve had lots of experience with treating diabetics that are Type 2. What we find is that often they are deficient in testosterone, that’s your lean body mass hormone. They’re also deficient in a number of other hormones including in ladies, most commonly progesterone.

Of course, post menopausal ladies we’re talking about, estrogen and progesterone. Thyroid typically tends to be very sub-optimal. In many of the diabetic patients we see are on a synthetic thyroid. Now, the problem with the synthetic thyroid is it does not contain free T3; and therefore, what happens often is you obtain T4 from the synthetic thyroid but does not convert to the free T3, the active form of the thyroid.

*Therefore, many times conventional medicine will treat you for Type 2 diabetes but typically it is never reversed. We make an effort to help you reverse your Type 2 diabetes through a combination of healthy eating, basically eliminating a lot of grains and sugars. The other reason of course is exercise. You still have to exercise. But we also address that third leg which is very important which are hormones.

Now, Harvard did a study sometime ago that said that all Type 2 diabetic males have low free testosterone. Of course, we’ve known that for years because testosterone is your lean body mass hormone. It gets rid of fat! When you get rid of fat, you tend to have better blood sugar control and better insulin control.

We also address your adrenal glands. We address your sleep because sleep can make a very important difference in insulin. We address your stress levels and we address all of these aspects that can have a significant effect on your hormones. Another objective of course, is to get you off of the synthetic drugs that you may be taking to help control your diabetes and set you up with a lifestyle and a hormonal balance that will allow you to reverse Type 2 diabetes.


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