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How Can Genetic Testing Help A Person’s Overall Health?

How Can Genetic Testing Help A Person’s Overall Health?

How Can Genetic Testing Help A Person’s Overall Health?

Have you been struggling with various weight loss programs, only to find yourself more confused than ever about diet and exercise? Or maybe you make healthy lifestyle choices, but you’re concerned about a family history of obesity and high cholesterol?

By having a deeper understanding of your genetic health background, you can address specific areas of your health that affect you now or in the future.

Genetic testing, also referred to as DNA testing, can show you if you are predisposed to particular health conditions. Testing can also explain disorders that you may currently face and provide insight into why you are predisposed to these conditions in the first place.

Know the Specific Health Conditions to Which You Are Genetically Prone

Many health disorders are caused by variations, or mutations, in our DNA. Everyone has mutations, but some of them can result in significant health conditions if they remain untreated. However, you can combat these challenges with lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, hormone treatment, or other appropriate methods.

We can help you identify the reasons for some of your health challenges. After your Genetic Testing with Natural Bio Health, we will schedule a review of your Genetic Health Profile. This consultation will provide you with valuable information about your DNA, and how to prevent the serious health conditions that may affect you.

A Genetic Health Profile can identify health conditions you may be facing and offer preventative measures. Our genetic profile covers issues such as poor hormonal function, low testosterone, poor estrogen metabolism, bipolar disorder, depression, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune conditions, sleep issues, digestive issues, difficulty losing weight, and obesity, to name a few.

Finding the Best Diet and Exercise Regimen for Your Genetic Profile

Our genes define the shape and functioning of our bodies. Modern medicine allows us to use genes as tools to learn more about our unique circumstances and how nutrition can help us. A simple genetic test can reveal underlying genetic mutations and how they may impact your health. It can also show you how nutrition can increase or decrease your susceptibility to certain illnesses, side effects, and even obesity.

Weight-loss goals can certainly be a big part of a healthy lifestyle, but not all approaches to weight loss are the same! Weight-loss drugs and other lose-weight-quick solutions rarely last and may cause dangerous side effects. Some diets may work for others but fail to work for you.

However, weight loss can’t occur if your body is dealing with other underlying issues. That’s where genetic testing for smart and healthy weight loss comes into play!

Being overweight does not necessarily mean that you have unhealthy habits. Diet and exercise is only 40 percent of weight loss. Genetics makes up the other 60 percent. Your genes inform the biochemical processes that determine how effectively your body burns fat. Some genes associated with fat deposition tell your cells to retain fat, and that can make weight loss nearly impossible.

Each person may need a different approach to achieve weight loss, since no two bodies are exactly alike. While common diets and popular exercise routines may be great for some people, your body’s unique genetic makeup may be responsible for underlying health issues that make weight loss unattainable.

Your Genetic Health Profile can help you better understand your own body through your genes and find a customized diet and exercise path to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

How Natural Bio Health Can Help You

At Natural Bio Health, our genetic test is a simple in-office test that takes 5 to 10 minutes, with the option to take the test at home. You will meet with a Natural Bio Health provider in office for a full consultation after your genetic test to review your results and Genetic Health Profile.

The providers at Natural Bio Health use advanced methods to give you insight into your genetic health and deficiencies and to recommend treatments based on your test results.  Our treatments combine all-natural pharmaceutical grade supplements, as well as guidance on your diet and lifestyle.

Diet and exercise are the cornerstones to weight loss. The team at Natural Bio Health has the advanced DNA testing and expert genetic counseling that will help you confront your genetic shortcomings and optimize your weight-loss journey.

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