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How do you test for hormones? What about saliva tests?

How do you test for hormones? What about saliva tests?

Video Transcription:

There are two ways to test for hormones. The one that we use, of course, are the laboratory or blood test. We test your levels of estrogen, for example, progesterone in the ladies, free testosterone and total testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, and DHEA. These are all common hormones that we will test for.

Sometimes people will test saliva. Saliva can give you a baseline for certain hormones. The problem with saliva tests is that they’re not very accurate for doing follow-up tests. Another important point is that when you do a blood test, you can check cholesterol. You can check all the major heart factors. You can check your blood count.

All these tests can not be done through saliva tests. So our philosophy is pretty simple. Why not do the blood test and test not only your hormones but let’s check your cholesterol and your blood count and your calcium and your protein; and, all these other tests that are also important to know, in order to determine where your optimal health lies.


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