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Just add water

What else can you do to add more water into your diet without drinking it straight up plain? How about adding fruits and vegetables to the mix? These are often tastier than regular plain water and are more appealing. Now you may not be a big fruits and veggies fan, so you can try skimmed milk as another nice alternative. The point is, find something that works for you and you don’t mind so much to find a balance between your taste buds and what is good for your body. Some foods are gonna naturally draw you to water and that’s good because if you care about taste, this is a good time to have a glass of water as you can still taste your food. This may not work every single time, but at least you’ll be hydrated, which is more important.

It is also advisable to always have water available and ready and around for whenever you might need to take a sip. Begin every morning with a glass of lemon water to boost your metabolism and get your digestive system all charged up and ready to go. This will get you started and remember that if during the day you start to feel tired or irritated, some water will do the trick. Many times you don’t realize this until your mood changes or you feel you need some air or sleep, but once you have a drink, you’ll feel better almost immediately. Now it’s also important to drink filtered water. Try using a water cooler or bottled water. These options make the water taste better than regular tap. They also have less lime-scale and other unwanted elements that make the water taste and smell bad, something everyone wants to avoid when they are thirsty.

Otherwise without the safe drinking water you can do more damage and harm than good to your body than not drinking it at all, like in the Erin Brockovich case where hexavalent chromium was found in the residents’ drinking water and causing cancer, deformities, and many other detrimental side effects that were not only damaging to their physical health, but their mental, emotional, and psychological states of mind. Always have water ready and around, but be very careful it is safe to drink. It is important not to drink too much and over hydrate as that case makes water toxic and you may suffer water poisoning. Check for signs of dehydration and drink at a comfortable amount. No need to follow a recommendation if it’s not comfortable for you.


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