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Lawyers Make Big Mistake

“If you have taken testosterone and had a heart attack, Call Us.” This was the TV ad paid for by lawyers hoping to make some $ off men taking testosterone. As we have previously reported, they mistakenly relied on a recent VA study.
Natural Bio Health was the first to recognize the falsity of the VA study alleging that testosterone taken by Veterans over the age  of 65 increased their risk of heart disease.  See our blog posted 9 November 2013: “Heart disease and testosterone. Should men fear testosterone?”  The study, when properly calculated, showed a decrease in heart disease for the men.
NBH immediately notified the Journal that published the VA study asking them to retract the study or correct its findings.

Urology Times, March 31,2014

Groups slam testosterone study, call for retraction. This was the headline that noted that “three professional medical societies and an international group of 130 scientists and providers” asked the journal to retract the VA study.

The VA study had already been corrected due to misreporting of primary results and major errors in the figures and text. A letter to the Journal cited “gross mismanagement,” rendering the article “no longer credible.”
Clients of Natural Bio Heath DID NOT STOP TAKING testosterone due to the fast action of our staff in attacking the validity of the study. However others did. One of the protesting providers noted:
“Many of my patients stopped taking testosterone because of the JAMA article, even those who had experienced substantial benefits,” added Androgen Study Group member Martin Miner, MD, of Brown University, Providence, RI. “And now we find out it was all based on nothing but sloppy science. We are talking about real consequences on individuals’ health and quality of life.”

We stay informed and keep our clients informed.

The medical  staff at Natural Bio Health prides itself on staying current with science and addressing bad science immediately. We also report good science. For example, we recently reported the number of premature deaths  caused by women NOT TAKING ESTRADIOL. See our blog: “NOT taking estrogen increases the risk of premature death.” We report the science that describes the incredible protection provide by PROGESTERONE against BREAST CANCER.

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Disclaimer: There is no scholarly article to support the information in this blog. Nevertheless the information was taken by reputable sources and is believed to be completely factual.

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