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Lifetime Health Weight Loss with Prescription Hormones & Bioidentical Hormones Medical Clinic

Lifetime Health Weight Loss with Prescription Hormones & Bioidentical Hormones Medical Clinic

Video Transcription:

*My name’s Victoria Dalls-Pierson. I had a hysterectomy about seven years ago and was depleted, you know, of hormones. Before the natural hormone therapy, I felt a little bit ill at ease. I was having probably 10 hot flashes a day, night sweats, a little bit irritable, not really…just not really feeling that great. Not a whole lot of energy even though I am a high-energy person.

I found, you know that I really didn’t want to exercise that much and so… you know it was really, a really great thing for me to get on the natural bio-identical hormones. And, I have told lots and lots of friends and clients and had quite a few that are doing this program now. I tried all of the traditional hormone therapy and gained weight, and didn’t necessarily feel any better.

So, I didn’t do anything for a long time and I started on the natural hormones which I felt was a lot better way of treatment than any of the pharmaceutical ones. I think that the traditional hormone therapy is you know for me… Every one of my friends who has gone through menopause that’s taken, you know, the regular hormone therapy, and every single one of them has put on 10 to 20 lbs and they don’t feel that much better.

So once they’ve gotten off of that and you know I think anything that you can refer your friends to because you feel that you really feel the advantages and the benefits, and without the risk. So, I think anything natural is a lot better way of treatment. So, I do the thyroid and testosterone cream, progesterone cream, and the estrogen cream.

And, had a lot of energy, felt better, hot flashes were pretty much eliminated and no weight gain whatsoever! I think the biggest benefit is that you feel better and you know with women, when you lack estrogen and testosterone, and you know the right balance. You don’t have sexual, you know, desire much.

I just got married two and a half years ago and so, you know, it’s really been great for me. It keeps your skin looking nice and it keeps your body younger and healthier, and I can definitely tell the difference!


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