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Lose Weight and Achieve health in San Antonio, Texas, at NBH Lifetime Health

Lose Weight and Achieve health in San Antonio, Texas, at NBH Lifetime Health

The San Antonio Clinic of NBH Lifetime Health, located near highway 281 and 1604, has been doing exceptionally well for our clients. These include clients participating in our bioidentical hormone programs, the diet programs and our appetite suppressant programs. Some recent San Antonio clients have offered to share their experience as shown below. We appreciate those clients who share their experience as we understand that our success is based on achieving success for our clients.

Statements from San Antonio clients:


“I have been very satisfied with the appetite suppressant program. The staff, as always, is very attentive and caring in helping me achieve my goals. They have been very helpful with any questions I may have. I have been able to lose the 10 lbs. I always felt would never go away. I believe I was able to achieve this goal with a combination of the appetite suppressant and having my hormones balanced.”
H.A., age 37, female phentermine & bioidentical hormones.*


“I started at NBH at 471.8 lbs. In only 4 short months, not only have I lost 92 pounds, I got my life back. Before the diet I could not walk from the front door of an office building to the elevators without having to take a break and sit down. Every day was a struggle to just do my day to day activities. Now, I can actually use the stairs at work, I can walk around the mall with my kids, and I just feel like a whole new person.

My first round of the diet I lost 37.7 pounds. After I was done, I knew that I finally had the tools to take control. While I was on maintenance, I was able to lose another 20lbs all by myself! One more round of the diet and a little more maintenance I am now down almost 100 lbs. I cannot say thank you enough to the provider and staff at NBH. I had tried everything to lose weight before but I never really knew how or what I was doing. NBH in San Antonio gave me the knowledge and support I so desperately needed. I know I still have a ways to go, but my future has never looked brighter!!”*
D.J., age 57, male, Diet Patient.


“I did a combination of hormone therapy with my weight loss program. Not only have I lost almost 40 lbs. but getting my hormones balanced truly has changed my life. Before, when I had a cycle, I was moody, depressed, crampy, and felt like I was unpleasant to be around. I figured the heavy flow and problems that went with it was just something I would have to deal with forever.

When I came to NBH I found out that this simply isn’t true. Once starting the progesterone regimen my cycles are shorter, lighter, and cramping gets less and less each month. I was able to lose the weight the way I wanted, and finally get control over my own body. I can even share clothes with my 15 year old daughter! Thank you so much to NBH!”*
E.E., age 39, female, Diet/Hormones


“I have always thought of myself as a pretty fit guy. As a police officer, being in good physical shape is always a priority. When I started the testosterone program I was at 20.8% body fat. In 8 weeks I was able to get that percentage down to just 16%. I was so surprised with what a difference the medication has made me feel.  When I work out in the gym, yes I work harder, but I work smarter also. It doesn’t take me hours of weight lifting to get the muscle building results that it used to.”*
E.J., age 44, male, Testosterone


“When I started with the diet I just wanted to lose 10 or 15 lbs. During my first visit, I learned my body composition said I needed to lose closer to 40 lbs. I knew that my eating was starting to get out of hand, but I hadn’t realized how far it had actually gone! I signed up right away and after my blood work was done I learned that I had diabetes. This was the biggest shock of all! I had no idea of what was really going on with my body, at that moment I knew I would never let this happen again.

I worked very very hard at my diet and was able to lose 30 pounds in 4 months, but most importantly I was able to reverse the diabetes. I owe it all to hard work and the staff at NBH. They were so supportive throughout my journey and helped me so much, I am a much happier, healthier person and everyone around me notices those changes too!”*
E.P., age 43, female, Diet Patient.



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