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Low Testosterone Help In Austin

Low Testosterone Help In Austin

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is NBH. I’m the director of education and research at NBH Lifetime Health. I would like to talk to the men today. Yes, we have lots of men on our program. When we started about 12 years ago, most of our clients were women. They would bring in their boyfriends, they would bring in their husbands and their spouses but typically, the women came first because they were a little familiar with hormones.

Now, men have started to come in very large numbers. Probably, a good 40% plus of our business is now initiated with men. Now, why are men starting to figure out this? Because they understand that hormones play a critical role in their male life also. The one that is most commonly deficient is testosterone. We used to think that testosterone deficiency was more of a matter of old age. Well, we test now young men in their 30’s, their 40’s, their 50’s, their 60’s; all of these can benefit from testosterone.

*And, if you’re 70 or 80, don’t think you can’t benefit from testosterone. Usually within about three weeks, you’ll know that it’s working for you! Now, what do I mean working for you? You’ll find that you have more energy. That you feel stronger. You’re able to gain muscle. If sex drive is an issue, you’ll find that your sex drive has come back.

Now, what is our approach to testosterone? Well, we test. First we’re going to do a lab test and find out exactly where your testosterone levels are and if you are deficient. If you are, then we have a number of options for you. Number one, of course is to take bio-identical natural testosterone. We have a cream form and we have an injectable form, whatever tends to work best for you.

*The provider or nurse practitioner will help you decide that. Now, what we have found over the years is that when you raise your testosterone level to a more optimal level, your quality of life changes very quickly. We like to jokingly tell the ladies that they need to get their “honey do list” ready because you’re going to be doing that “honey do list” very quickly! You’re going to feel like going to the gym, usually within three weeks. You’re going to gain muscle again, lean body mass.

*If you have a weight problem, you’re going to find that it’s a whole lot easier to lose weight and it’s a lot easier to maintain weight. Now, let’s look at the health benefits of testosterone. Pretty much there’s an inverse relationship between levels of free testosterone, that’s one of our lab tests; and heart disease in men, prostate cancer, depression, Type 2 diabetes, sleep can be a big issue. All of these things can be basically reversed by raising your levels of testosterone to a more youthful and healthy level.


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